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Ilana’s Clarifying Skin Serum Is All I Need To Get Rid Of My Acne!

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Greasy, oily festive food that’s too delicious to resist. Humid, sunny weather that’s quite unforgiving. That’s what it’s like where I live right now. And it’s the perfect cocktail for my skin to completely abandon all niceties and do what it wants. I wake up with random white heads on my face, which I end up popping because, well, bad habit. I’m left with pimples and scars all over my face. The best solution I could come up with (think of me as a genius!) was to cover them up with makeup. This was obviously not a good idea because this leads to more pimples. *sigh* It’s a never ending battle. When the Ilana Clarifying Skin Serum was delivered to our office, I knew for a fact that I had to get my hands on it.

I’ve been using this magical serum since the past two weeks, and have happily included it my morning and night time skin care routine. The best part is that the Ilana Skin Clarifying Serum is non-greasy and it is the best to disinfect and cure the most stubborn acne while it leaves the skin feeling dewy and moisturised.

Ilana Clarifying Skin Serum (Rs 770)

This serum consists of argan, tea tree, rosemary, lavender and lemon oil. And that’s literally it! Now, when you say there are that many oils, you naturally get a little wary. Surely, you look like a vat of oil got emptied on you. Actually, no. These oils are extremely light in texture, do not clog pores and the anti-fungal compounds reduce the inflammation and redness around the pimple as well.

Also, if you are worried that despite being absorbed, some part of the oil is going to make an appearance on your face, you are in good hands here. This one does do that. It literally absorbs right into your skin and gives a flawless dewy finish and makes your skin glow.  But hey, that’s no excuse to stop working out! The scent of this serum is extremely soothing and relaxing as well. From feeling refreshed early in the morning to getting a good nights’ sleep, it has become a product that I can’t see my skincare routine without.

Applying 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops at night after cleansing my face and neck area has really improved the texture of my skin. This organic personal care brand made of 100% natural ingredients is perfect to add to the list of products you use for your skincare. Swap your chemical-ridden products with those from Ilana Organics, and your skin will thank you later!

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