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I Experimented With Two Lip Tints And If You Don’t Want To Wear A Lipstick, These Are A Great Substitute

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I love lipsticks. I love them matte, I love them creamy, I love them satin. I will take them however.  I mean at this point I have hoarded so many lipsticks, I can actually open my own Sephora. But then the pandemic came and with all this mask wearing, no one can see my lips and my lipsticks are sitting in a corner crying their little bullet heads off. Maybe it was time for lip tints?

Point is, I have been looking for a lipstick that is everything and that’s a little difficult to find. I mean, my standards are high and that also explains why I am so single, but hey, I can expect from lipsticks no? If there was a lipstick matrimony, I would be the first person to sign up for that stuff to find myself a perfect lipstick. My kind of perfect would be pigmented, doesn’t bleed, and would last really, really long. Had to put the last one in bold. But I didn’t have to go through all that trouble and found 2 lipstick mates that are perfect in every way.

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If you know Korean makeup, then you definitely know how most of them steer clear of covering their lips completely with a lipstick and instead add a tint that not only gives them a natural sort of bitten look but also makes them em lips quite gorgeous. So, since I am a Korean fanatic and love everything about them I tried to tint my lips and I turned out looking like an uncle who is chewing on paan and gutka. It spread all over my lips. I then decided to drop that idea and covered my lips with the tint instead. Let me tell you that tints usually don’t have great pigment but this one almost seems like a matte lipstick and I loved how the shade was popping on my lips. The tint has a very vanilla-like smell and feels minty on application. It didn’t dry my lips and that’s what I loved about it. The tint alone is not long lasting but I experimented.

The powder rouge tint smells like a cake and glides on really smoothly. This is also a tint but with powder = Matte Tint. If only I had paid as much attention in my math class as I do to my makeup products, I would be doing great things like solving intense math puzzles in movies maybe. But let’s not digress with how amazing this tint it is. It’s texture is very soft and smooth so it doesn’t completely pop but just enough for people to notice while keeping your natural look or no-makeup-face subtle. When I applied the two I wasn’t sure how this would turn out to be.

Now you are probably wondering where was I off to in this pandemic with two lipsticks on my lips and even if you are not, let me tell you that I was on my way to eat some delicious homemade pani puri. Combine pani puri and lipstick and you’re thinking only one of them will make it. Only one will survive the apocalypse but to my surprise the lipsticks didn’t budge at all. I promise I am not making this up .It survived the pani puri binge, a feast, water, cold drinks and a cup of tea. Yes, my stomach was prepared for a cocktail like this. My lipstick might not have been, but isn’t that the true test? It didn’t come off, bleed and the best part – wait for it – didn’t dry my lips and currently we are going through semi-winter in Bombay.

I would totes suggest these two beauts to any lipstick fanatic in the house!

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