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Huda Beauty Is Launching A New Eyeshadow Palette And You Won’t Believe What It Is!

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Every time Huda Beauty announces the launch of a product, I am exhilarated and worried in equal measure. Exhilarated because I love everything from the brand. From the most pigmented eyeshadows to the most budge-proof foundation ever, it’s almost like she can do no wrong. Worried because this is where all my salary is going to go, and I am going to have to work more than one job to buy groceries.

Huda Beauty has announced the arrival of a nude eyeshadow palette – New Nude – and it’s going to feature plenty of neutrals (duh, it’s called nudes!) and, we imagine, a couple of crease shades. But we also spotted some foiled shades and knowing Huda, those will be pretty legendary as well. Foiled shadows in nude shades? Count us in.

The names of the shadows are pretty intriguing as usual. There’s Rare, Charmed. Love Bite, Spanked and Kinky. Hmm. However, the Instagram post by the beauty tycoon was vague revealing the packaging with her featured with a veil. The post about the shades is in black and white, so we aren’t sure about the colours. Either way, we can’t wait! *rubs hands together in anticipation*


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