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Everything Huda Beauty Is Coming To India And We Have No Chill

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Okay, we’re a little breathless here. I mean, yes, Huda Beauty has been available online for a while but news is just out that the entire collection is going to be coming to India. Let that sink in. Till now, the brand has been releasing it’s collection in instalments. Most international releases only come here after a month or two, so beauty junkies have to wait it out, despite itching to try some of the newer products.

For example, the Easy Bake Powder that we were drooling over still hasn’t hit stores in India. But that’s all set to change. The whole, big, entire collection is coming and we will have the lashes, the powders, the eyeshadow palettes, the highlighters and everything!

Now, Nykaa is our go to place for all things makeup and since it’s going to be all stocked up on Huda beauty, we are probably never going to get off the website. This is good news. Heck no, this is great news!


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