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#AskHauterfly: What’s The Right Way To Use A Makeup Sponge?

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Even before I learned how to do makeup professionally, the makeup sponge was my BFF. After all, blending is a dream with a sponge as compared to using brushes, which can lead to streaky, uneven application in the hands of a novice. I love sponges for the ease with which you can apply foundation and other makeup flawlessly. However, using a sponge does not guarantee a flawless finish unless you know how to use it right. Here’s our fool-proof guide for putting your makeup sponge to good use.

Rule #1: Clean it

This one’s literally a no-brainer. Makeup sponges are among the most important beauty tools that need to be washed regularly, if not after every use. Old, leftover makeup tends to cake over time, hardening the sponge. This makes seamless blending difficult.

Rule #2: Don’t use one sponge for different products

You will need as many sponges as the number of products you use in your makeup regime. You can’t be using the same sponge to apply your liquid foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, finishing powder, etc. Using a single sponge for everything means spreading the leftover product everywhere, which means all your hard work will go down the drain. It makes sense to invest in sponges of different colours so that you don’t mix them up while applying various products.

Rule #3: Invest in a quality product

The cheaper sponges are generally thinner, so they absorb too much product leading to product wastage. You might end up using more product than you actually need because of this. Besides, they don’t blend that well. Spend wisely on a good quality sponge that’s firm but soft.

Rule #4: Don’t use it dry

There’s a cardinal rule that one must follow when using sponges, i.e. always wet your makeup sponge and squeeze out excess water before using it. This is important because it prevents the sponge from eating up too much product, preventing product wastage. What’s more, it also ensures you get perfectly sheer coverage. It’s always better to work in thin layers rather than caking up your foundation.

Rule #5: Tap don’t rub

Although makeup sponges are relatively fool-proof, there’s a technique involved in getting a flawless finish. If you apply your makeup the same way you apply it with a brush — i.e. dragging it across your face — all you will get is a streaky finish. The trick is to tap or knead the product into your skin using the sponge to get an even, air-brushed effect. While it takes a little getting used to, we swear it’s far easier than blending with a brush.


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