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Guess What? You’ve Been Using Hair Mousse The Wrong Way!

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Although I like to try new hairstyles all the time, my styling kit is pretty low key. The only products I use after my shampoo-conditioner routine are a leave-in conditioner and a serum, and of course, a heat protectant if I’m heat-styling my hair. While I have a lot of patience to try elaborate braids, I have absolutely none when it comes to tricky products because I detest washing my hair and will avoid using anything that will weigh it down. Hair mousse is one of those products. You know that sticky, crunchy feeling it leaves in your hair? Na-uh! I won’t have none of that!

But when used right, mousse can make blow-drying or curling hair an absolute dream. It has a superb ability to lift roots and add texture without weighing your hair down. The keywords being: when used right! This is why it’s absolutely important to learn the technique because just owning great products is simply not enough.

Mousse and a vented brush go hand-in-hand, ladies, and you’ll soon know why.

Instead of taking a dollop of mousse in your palm and slapping it across the length of your hair (hello, uneven application!), shake the can well and then pump a tennis-ball sized dollop onto your vented brush. Yes, directly onto the brush. Then comb it through your damp hair. The extra mousse will flow through the vents in your brush and you can distribute the product evenly throughout your hair. It’s okay to get real close to the roots since that will create volume, which can only be good since “the higher the hair, the closer to God” and all that.

Bonus point? You’ll notice that your hair does not get crunchy after drying when you use mousse like this. Score!


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