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#HauteHack: The Best Time To Use Dry Shampoo

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If you love dry shampoo as much as we do here at the Hauterfly HQ, you probably depend on it for that “my hair, but better” look every morning. Going easy on the number of times you wash your hair each week is gentler on your hair, so you no doubt reach for that bottle of dry shampoo often. What’s more, if you live in tropical climes like we do here in Mumbai, hot weather is a given, and dry shampoo is one way to combat sweaty-greasy hair. And most of us girls usually spritz on some of that goodness every morning to give hair some much-needed bounce and body, as well as disguise the grease effortlessly.

However, this simple hack helps the product actually work better. Instead of using it in the morning, spritz on a generous coat of dry shampoo into your roots at night. Why? It’s simple, really. When it’s hot outside, it’s actually better to do this before bedtime because this helps the product absorb excess oil and sweat all night. If you give dry shampoo some time to work its magic overnight, you’ll wake up to better-looking hair in the AM.

Try it and tell us what you think!


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