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Say Hello To Space Buns — The IT Hairstyle Of The Moment!

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As a millennial, I’m digging the whole ’90s revival we’re going through currently. Although I was only a child back then, I remember being in awe of my older sister, who was rocking most of these trends in style. I mean, who thought brown lipstick would be back in such a big way? (Although I do pray we never go back to the those tweezed to within-an-inch-of-their-lives eyebrows.)

Also, who remembers the rather cool double buns that were all the rage back then, popularised by The Spice Girls? Like all things 90s, The Spice Girls buns or double buns are back with a new moniker — Space Buns! You know it’s definitely a thing when “it” girls like Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner wear it.

I think besides being on trend, they are really practical now that the season of frizz is upon us. I mean what’s better than looking fashionably chic in the rains, right? So I went ahead and compiled some of the best variations of the space bun.

How will you be wearing your space buns this season? Sound off in the comments below!


1. Voluminous Space Buns

This tutorial by Dulce Candy is great for people who have thin, limp hair. The best part is that Dulce Candy tells you exactly how not to make your space buns, having learned this lesson the hard way herself. These voluminous buns look more flattering than tightly wound buns, IMO. I’d say it’s the grown-up version of the ballerina bun.


2. Half-Up-Half-Down Space Buns

I think this half-up-half-down version is more wearable IRL than the basic space bun. Try this hairstyle on days when your hair is well-behaved and is just the right balance of sleek and voluminous. It would be a welcome change from wearing your hair in the usual half-up-half-down hairstyles.


3. Dutch-Braided Space Buns

I’m game for anything with braids. I’ve been following Bodmon Zaid for the longest time now for her fiery red hair and the badass hairstyles she rocks like a boss. These Dutch-braided space buns are great to tuck away fringes gone wrong — you know, those days when your bangs are all wonky and you just can’t get them to sit well.


4. One Style, Three Ways

So you’ve mastered the space buns, and also its half-up-half-down version. Why not take it to the next level with a braided bun? Amalie of ShinyLips TV merely braids the two ponytails, secures them with a hair elastic, and wraps them around in a bun. This is especially great for folks who have limited braiding skills!


5. Sock Buns For Short Hair

Whoever said short hair can’t be styled is a lazy ass wriggling out of trying to style their hair. This sock bun tutorial works well for short hair since you may not have too much hair to work with. I think curling the ends is strictly optional though. Try using a sock that’s as close to your natural hair colour as possible, in case you don’t conceal the sock well with your hair; t shouldn’t show prominently.


6. Glitter Roots

And finally, styling your hair is all about having fun. This is just perfect for a music festival (although festival season is some time away). However, you can rock glitter rocks in your everyday life as well, albeit in a more subtle version that’s restricted only to the roots and not on the hair.

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