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The Internet Discovered A Tea That Accidentally Cured Acne!

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The internet, as a quick google search will tell you, has all kinds of cures for acne. Not always do these cures work. Sometimes, they can end up harming your skin, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

And then, there’s the fact that not everything works. So, we’re pretty excited about this skincare trend that was an accidental discovery, but one that apparently really works! It’s spearmint tea!


Spearmint Tea To Clear Acne_Featured_Hauterfly


The secret was first discovered on a Reddit thread by a user who started drinking a cup spearmint tea every day, and realised that her acne was magically clearing up. The thread went wild, with many responding with their own experiences, claiming that spearmint tea did the same for their skin.

For some, it took longer than it did for others, even proving effective in clearing up cystic acne. While research on the subject isn’t very readily available, you best ask your doctor about it.

According to most of what’s on the Internet, spearmint tea can reduce androgens in your blood and help fix a number of hormone-related problems that women have. According to this, it isn’t as helpful for men, but because it’s just spearmint tea, anyone can try it! Of course, if you’re on medication or using the regular benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid for your acne, don’t stop using them. Hence, it’s best to talk to your dermat first.


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