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#HauteHack: How To Make Your Lipstick Last All Day!

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We *really* love our lipsticks here at Hauterfly HQ. So much so that pretty much every member of the #HauteSquad has atleast 5 different lippies in her beauty kit at any given time. Whether it’s a deep red or bright coral, we’re all about playing with colours. And if  there’s one thing we take very seriously, it’s making our lipsticks last.

Even if  you’re wearing a nude hue or braving a hot pink pucker, there’s nothing more annoying than leaving your house with a perfect pout and then retouching it barely an hour later. We all go through the pain of redoing our pouts after every coffee or lunch break, and frankly it can get a tad tedious. And because we feel your pain, this easy #HauteHack will help your pretty pout stay put all day long. Pinky promise!

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