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#HauteHack: Here’s How To DIY A Matte Nail Polish At Home!

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Coming from someone who loves painting her nails a different colour each week, I have to admit that nothing looks¬†chicer than matte nails.¬†Matte nail polishes weren’t easily available in India until recently, and even though some brands do sell them now, you know precisely how expensive they are. What’s more, even the most non-glossy nail paint can get a glassy look the minute you put a top coat over it.

So how the hell does a girl get matte nails on a colour she loves, you might ask? It’s really super simple. All you need is clear nail polish from a brand of your choice and some corn starch. Yes. That’s all!



Maybelline New York Crystal Clear Nail Polish (Rs 260)

Here’s how you can get a DIY matte top coat with these two. Just mix a little bit of corn starch into your clear nail polish and close it. Then take the bottle between your hands and roll it between your palms. Do NOT shake it. That’ll just cause the formula to bubble and dried bubbled nail polish is not a great look!

Once the corn starch has mixed with the nail paint, use it like any other top coat. Put on your favourite shade, then apply your DIY top coat for a perfectly matte finish. How cool is that, huh? Make sure you only use this as a top coat to give your nails a matte finish. It won’t give you the same result if you paint any other colour over it.

Try this haute hack out and let us know how you like it in the comments below!


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