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The Foolproof Way To Make Your Eyeshadow Really Pop!

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We can all agree that the only way to make it look like you’ve actually put in some effort into doing your eyes is with eyeshadow. Mascara, eyeliner, and kajal are all great but you know a woman means business when she goes all out with her eyeshadow game. Over the years, we’ve figured out the art of applying shadow, blending it, shading it, and basically making it look lit. But with our skin tone sometimes, the shadow doesn’t always look like the colour you imagined it to be.

Of course, our skin tone isn’t the only reason this happens. The level of pigmentation of the shadow can also vary, making it look lighter or darker on your lids. But there’s a solution to it, and it doesn’t depend on either the colour of your skin the pigmentation of your shadow.



Not too long ago, we started using a white pencil to fill in our waterline to make our eyes look bigger. This white pencil can not only be used to highlight your brows and cupid’s bow, it’s also the solution to your eyeshadow woes. How, you ask? Keep reading!



What you need to do is give your shadow a universal base. White is the perfect colour to coat your lids with before you start applying your shadow. Since the base is white, the colours look like they do in your palette, which makes them really pop and look super pigmented at the same time.



Now you needn’t do this when you’re going for a metallic tone on your lids, but if you’re looking to do a bold colour, your white pencil is the answer.

Dying to try it out? Here are a few white pencils you can pick up!



Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal in White (Rs 225)


Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Eyeliner in White (Rs 800)


MAC Eye Kohl in White (Rs 1400)


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