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#HauteHack: Get Rid Of Dark Circles With This Kitchen Ingredient

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Dark circles are like that annoying, meddlesome chick who insists on calling herself your BFF no matter how hard you try to shake her off. Apart from being passed on through genes (thanks, mum and dad!), dark circles can be a result of pulling one too many boozy late nighters, stress, insufficient sleep, and an inadequate skincare regime. However, if you’re getting your daily quota of shut eye, have a stellar skincare routine, and basically are leading a balanced, stress-free life (if that’s even possible), and still have dark circles, we have a problem.

While covering it up with orange lipstick is a great idea, it’s only a temporary solution. Sure your panda eyes can be covered with makeup but they aren’t going anywhere. So here’s what you need to do instead to erase them for good. All it takes is a walk to the fridge.

Grab a handful of parsley, chop it and throw it in a mixing bowl. Grind the leaves with a pestle and add a tablespoon of yogurt to create a thick mask. Allow the mixture to cool for a while, dip two cotton makeup pads to soak up the juice, and place it beneath each eye. Take a kitty nap for 10 minutes, after which you can wash it off.

Why does this work? Parsley works because it is enriched with Vitamin C and K. Both these vitamins brighten and de-puff the skin. Try this amazeballs trick twice a week to see the difference!

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