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Want To Give Yourself A Facial At Home? Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts To Get It Right

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Modern beauty belongs to elaborate skincare routines, we think. The gradual shift in the perception of people from maintaining a full face of makeup to focusing on healthy skin instead took a while. With major editorials going behind the scenes of celebrity beauty secrets and major innovation in how skincare is approached, we suspect the upcoming decade to be all about 5-step beauty rituals and glowing skin from within. I can totally see myself getting on board with that. I would much rather save up for some end of the moth pampered splurges than buying yet another concealer stick to carry in my work bag.

The popularity of chemical peels, laser facials and much else have only grown because they work wonders on our skin. But given that they don’t come cheap, we can’t rely on getting a couple of these every month. Keeping expensive procedures to a monthly event opens up our time. This is why giving yourself a facial at home becomes such a crucial skill. Yes, it seems like such a killjoy but trust us, this is an underrated talent, one which you should be honing RN.

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Here are some dos and don’ts of doing your own facial at home!

Do: Clean The Skin

Don’t: Over Wash

The first step of a facial should always be properly cleansing the skin to prepare for the facial. Our skin is the most receptive of ingredients and treatments when it is rid of all dirt, excess oil, and makeup. In order to do it safely, wash with the gentlest cleanser you own, mixing it with lukewarm water. You can go for an oil massage cleansing followed by a fragrance-free foaming cleanser. Do not over-wash your skin. It can irritate sensitive skin and over-dry combination skin, which is not good for the heavy-duty steps that are to follow next.

Do: Scrub Gently

Don’t: Over Exfoliate

The next thing to do while cleansing is to exfoliate with powerful action. This is where you need to be extra cautious with how you handle your skin. Don’t rub, massage or abuse facial massagers in “the name of beauty”. A great update to your facial can be the use of homemade scrubs to polish the skin and remove surface dead skin. Stay away from really harsh scrubs though, this is not a pot you’re trying to get the grease out of.

Best facial scrub for dry skin: Mix sugar, honey, and lukewarm water. 

Best facial scrub for oily skin: Mix ground oatmeal, honey, and milk. 

Best facial scrub for dry skin: Mix ground almonds, honey, and olive oil. 

Do: Massage Your Face

Don’t: Ignore The Neck

A calming facial massage is the best followed up by a squeaky clean scrub. Massaging the face with a good facial massage cream can ensure increased blood circulation and increase muscle tone, keeping the skin firm and bright. Using the dot method, you can also use your everyday moisturiser to spread the products all over your face (and neck!) and massage gently with your fingertips in an upward motion, never down. The 10 minutes you spend massaging your face is also a great way to get reconnect with your skin and give it some much needed TLC.

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Do: A Quick Steam

Don’t: Over Expose Yourself

Here are some things that happened when I started steaming my face at home at least once a week. The excessive oil production was considerably curbed and my acne has stopped acting up like before. While it hasn’t cured my skin completely, it has definitely upped my skincare game. Here’s what a good steaming session does to your skin, it gives you a thorough pore cleaning. I personally own a simple steamer at home, where I mix up my favourite essential oils, fruit peels and just a touch of camphor. But you can easily do it over a pot of boiled water, making sure to keep you distance and keeping it under 10 minutes.

Do: A Sheet Mask

Don’t: Experiment With New Products

Once you are done with steaming your face, the skin is primed and prepped to absorb any ingredients you introduce to it. I am a big fan of sheet masks. Although there is a consensus out there that these masks don’t really do anything, it does when done on a properly “jazzed up” skin. This is also a step when I will usually be falling into a deep slumber when I am getting a facial done at the spa. A relaxing 10-15 minutes with a nourishing mask (homemade also counts) is a good way to show your skin some care. We’d also recommend keeping things personal with products ou have used before. While facial kits are easy to use, they come packed with new ingredients that your sin might not be used to.

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Do: Moisturise!

Don’t: Leave It Out To Dry!

One of the biggest skin mistakes you can make is to leave the skin out to dry after a facial. If you are stepping out post this, use SPF to protect the skin. A good moisturiser will also keep all those dehydration that you generated with the previous steps. Don’t waste all that effort by not finishing with a good product that is also an essential part of any skincare routine.

Now that you know how to do it, go ahead and have some quality time with your skin!

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