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How To Make Your Own DIY Mascara At Home!

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The two makeup products you will always find in my handbag are a lipstick and mascara. But I have to be honest: until recently, I was putting on my mascara all wrong, often ending up with black patches around my eyes. But ever since I discovered the correct way to apply it, no weekend is spent without it on! There are some fantastic mascaras available in the market, but if you have the option to make some of your own, woudl you do it? I certainly would!

Unlike other makeup product DIYs, you have to be extra careful while making this one because it is something that goes extremely close to your delicate eye areas. So be sure to use only natural, safe ingredients. In this DIY, activated charcoal is the main hero. It gives the mascara that bold black colour it needs. Activated charcoal is found in most medical stores, so obviously it has tons of medicinal properties and is safe to use. Apart from using it in this way, you can also use it as a face pack or even to cure a stomach ache. The other ingredient used is vegetable vaseline, which again is natural and not at all harmful. Bentonite clay is the third core ingredient that keeps the mascara dry.

Though it doesn’t last long, this mascara is better than store-bought ones in my opinion, because commercial ones (some, not all) often tend to have lead and/or mercury in them. And that’s a big no-no in my books.

Watch this awesome video above and make your very own natural, safe, and amazing mascara at home!


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