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This Easy Contouring Technique Is Perfect For Everyday Wear

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I think contouring is one of the trickiest makeup techniques to master. If not done right, you could end up with a muddy-looking complexion or worse still, look like you’ve been bruised! Over the past year, I’ve seen Instagram and YouTube stars go a little overboard with contouring, and honestly, it’s quite off-putting. Adding dimension to the face is one thing, but creating bone structure out of nothing is quite another.

Kim Kardashian is the high priestess of contouring no doubt, and she owns the whole smoky eyes-gargantuan lashes-chiselled cheekbones-nude lips look like nobody’s business. However, she too is now officially over contouring claiming that nontouring and strobing are her new go-to makeup obsessions. Well, I’m going to take that with a pinch of salt. Can you imagine a Kardashian out and about in public with absolutely no contouring? Nope, me neither.

So while OTT contouring is definitely not in anymore (thank God for small mercies), you shouldn’t do away with it completely. When done well and in the right proportions, it can really enhance one’s bone structure and facial features. And this everyday natural contouring video is pretty easy to do. YouTuber Niveda shows you three ways to find the right spot to place your contour powder, one of which is to find your cheekbones using your makeup brush as a guide. Place one end at the spot on the top of your ear and the other end at the corner of your lips, or you could suck your cheeks in like you’re making the duck face. You can even use your fingers to find the hollow below your cheekbones.

As a rule of thumb, always use a contour product that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone. Dot the product wherever you want to contour instead of drawing lines on your face like Niveda does. This is easier to blend and tends to more natural and flattering.

Also, remember that blending is key. Make sure you invest about 80 per cent of your time in blending your product into your skin perfectly and you should be golden!


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