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Curly-Haired Girls, Are You Brushing Your Hair All Wrong?

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Curly and frizzy-haired peeps, if you’ve ever thought that brushing your hair is just a swift downward motion created to unknot your tresses, prepare to be proved wrong! You’ve probably been damaging your hair all this time, thanks to not using the correct technique whilst brushing your mane.

Yes, we are saying that you are going terribly wrong with your hair care routine, and you aren’t even aware of it!

If you’re a curl girl, then here’s what you’ve probably been doing wrong.

Brushing Hair When Dry

Don’t ever brush your hair when dry! When you comb or brush your hair when it’s dry, your hair will break and will definitely turn into a frizzy mess. Prior to your shower, make sure to comb your hair and take out all knots. Once you condition, use a wide-toothed comb to keep your mane in place.

Brushing Hair When Wet

Brushing your hair when wet, post a shower is also an absolute NO! NO! Remember that wet hair is a lot more elastic, therefore if a little bit of force is applied, the fragile strands can snap really easily. Use a wide-toothed comb, or even better, your fingers, to de-tangle your hair when DAMP to avoid any knots and crow’s nests!

Brushing From Root To Tip

When you brush your hair, you usually start all the way from the top, eventually moving to the ends. However, starting from the roots might be stressing your strands out. When doing so, if your hair is knotted it will break at the weaker points.

By pulling it from the roots, you run the risk of tearing the hair out from the follicle. Therefore, always start a couple of centimeters away from the roots and then move down towards the ends.

Using A Flat Paddle Brush

Brushing your hair with a paddle brush is fine! Using it to detangle any knots isn’t. Using a paddle brush to untangle your hair can cause breakage. The coarse bristles tend to be very harsh on the hair, breaking the strands as you pull.

Use your fingers instead and then brush your hair out to smoothen it!

Not Washing Your Brush

Like everything in life, your brush also needs a good cleaning! Hair and product buildup make it necessary to clean your brush at least once a week. When your brush isn’t washed, the product buildup transfers back into your hair… dirtying it some more!

Soak your brush in some shampoo water and rinse the off! With a plastic fork simply plough out all the stuck strands, and voila! You have yourself a squeaky clean brush.


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