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5 Tips On How To Apply Foundation Perfectly

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Foundation is a necessary yet sometimes daunting makeup product. It quite literally sets the base for your entire beauty look. So it’s important to be careful when picking the shade and consistency, and to know the correct way to apply it. These tips should make the process that much easier.


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1. Correct First!

Correction before anything else! It’s a step that should come before your concealer and foundation to minimise the appearance of pigmentation, and to allow the foundation to do its job.

Confused about correcting? Watch the video above — it’s everywhere these days.


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2. Concentrate Primer On Your T-Zone

Apply the bulk of your primer to your t-zone (forehead, around your nose, and chin), as these areas tend to get most oily. If you have oily skin, try a water-based primer. That being said, don’t forget to dab product onto the rest of your face too.


3. Cover Neck & Ears

Always brush the leftover product onto your neck and ears, to ensure the product seamlessly blends in with the rest of your face. This video is a quick tutorial on how to blend your foundation the right way.


4. Find The Right Shade

Need help finding the right shade of foundation? Watch this video. Without the right shade, your foundation will never sit right and we all know that the salespeople at retail outlets aren’t always the best help!


5. Find The Right Formula

Finding the right formula can also make a huge difference. You may have found the right shade, but does it sit right? Find out whether your skin is oily, combination, normal, or dry, and pick your foundation type accordingly. This video is so informative!


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