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Stop Everything And Watch This Video On Applying Falsies

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IMHO, learning how to apply falsies is one of the hardest feats. The day I learn to do it without leaving gaps between my actual lashline and the falsies or when my falsies stop coming off at the ends making me look like a junkie who’s escaped rehab, I’ll consider myself accomplished and only then can I die in peace. Even though I chanced upon this legit hack that ensures your falsies stay in place all day long, I’m still miles away from mastering this art.

Imagine my joy when Debasree Banerjee who blogs at All She Needs and is an avid YouTuber, made a detailed video on how she nails her false lashes with perfection every time. She has instructions on everything — from how to take the lashes out of their case to how to clean and store them. Believe me, her hacks are a huge help! I’ve always believed that practise makes perfect, but it also helps, like MAJORLY, to learn through observation.

Banerjee uses a set of falsies from PAC (you can buy them here) and uses an adhesive from Ardell Duo that’s black but dries down to a near-transparent finish. If your falsies are longer than your natural lashline cut it off from the outer corners. You can always use them as individual lashes later. She advises against heaping the eyelash band with glue and applies a thin layer. To keep the ends from coming off, apply a little extra on either corner of the band. While you wait for the glue to turn tacky, curl your natural lashes and apply a thin coat of mascara.

Before applying the falsies, bend them a little so that it imitates the shape of your eye. Hold the outer edge of the falsie with a pair of tweezers and use your fingers to guide it in the inner corner. Never place the lashes on your lashline (you will damage your natural lashes while taking off the falsies later), but just above it, ensuring you don’t leave any gaps.

Once you have taken off your falsies, spritz them with some rubbing alcohol to clean off the glue and store them in pill boxes. The air-tight transparent case means you never lose your lashes! Genius, innit?


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