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#HauteHack: The Brilliantly Easy Way To Apply False Eyelashes

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Applying false eyelashes perfectly is as easy as running in 6-inch stilettos. It’s the one thing I find extremely frustrating about my formal makeup routine. Applying a strip of falsies as close to the natural lashline as possible is such a task. Most times, I’m petrified of letting the tweezers get so close to my eyes. The eyelash applicator — though weird-looking — is far safer but I haven’t had much luck with it either. And even if I’ve managed to pull off the feat with finesse, more often than not I see the falsies coming off from the inner corners. Aaargh!

So I’m always looking for tips and tricks that promise to keep my falsies from lifting off my lash line and staying exactly where I placed them all night long. One trick to nailing it each time is to cut your lash strip into four equal sections and then apply them close to each other. This technique ensures that the ends don’t lift off the lashline since all the pieces of the falsies move with the eye without wriggling lose. Also, it is easier to apply smaller sections as opposed to applying a full strip. So why not just use individual lashes? Individual lashes are good for a natural look but nothing can beat the drama of a full pair of falsies, that’s why!


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