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How Candles And A Whole Bunch Of Heady Aromas Calm Me Down At Night After A Long Day

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I know thee are memes doing rounds of how we catch up with forty winks and then some during the day because of the work from home and all, but that isn’t the case with me. And I am not just saying this because my boss is reading this. I genuinely can’t relax during the day due to work and also because I am just generally trying to shepherd the whole team to get stuff done. Which isn’t easy. So by the end of the day, despite not having done much, I am exhausted.  Perhaps mentally more than physically but yeah, I am ready to call it a day.

So at this point, because I am so tired, I scroll through social media. Yes, it’s not ideal but stop judging me, you do it too. But over the many, many months I have had to think about this, I have realised that I calm down when I stop looking at my phone. I try to disconnect, then get distracted by a very funny meme that must be sent to someone right away and then my nerves are jittery till I am awake. Which is then late into the night and at 2am, I finally fall into a slumber so deep I am drooling into my pillow. Yes, it’s not sexy but it’s good for me.

I am trying to remedy this situation and trying to put my phone on my bedside table, where my headphones sit jittery after a long day of use. I will admit I am taking baby steps, and have picked up a book and that’s one thing that has been helping me calm down. Besides that, I have discovered the magic of candles and smells and aromas.

I didn’t believe in aromatherapy but the many heady aromas in my room and on me, lulling me into sleep has me thinking that they really do work. Here’s what I did to create a fragrant experience that helps me calm down.

Lavender Cedarwood Creamy Body Scrub From Bath And Body Works

Lavender Cedarwood Creamy Body Scrub

I got the Lavender Cedarwood body scrub from Bath and Body Works on a whim. But once in my bath with the rich aroma that unravels as you start buffing away dead skin, I was a convert. This is the kind of scrub that really makes you feel like you’ve washed the dirt, grime and negativity of the day down.  And it helps that you smell delicious after it.

Forest Essentials Lavender & Neem Natural Deodorant

Lavender & Neem Natural Deodorant

Once out, I then like to generously apply the Lavender and Neem Natural Deodorant from Forest Essentials which is just the right kind of fragrant you want to be. What I love about this is that while the scent is mild, it still envelopes you in the tones of lavender and neem so you feel like you’re in a warm cocoon of fragrances. And because it is a natural deodorant, you don’t have to worry about it being harmful. And of course, like me, this one has many a happy customer with the reviews talking about how it makes you feel fresh and soothes you. I vouch for that.

Aroma India Candles

Aroma India Candles

Of course, none of this is complete if you don’t have a candle gently burning in the background. I am telling you candles are underrated. When you want to feel calm, light one up, letting the scent gradually take over the room and you will simply breathe easier. I love the candles from Aroma India, they are deliciously aromatic with out being cloying and this one in particular is a favourite.

Loccitane Relaxing Pillow Mist

Loccitane Relaxing Pillow Mist

In India, pillow mists are hardly ever used but we are missing out. This one from Loccitane can be generously sprayed on your pillow and your blanket and whenever I apply this, I end up taking deep breaths that calm me down and lull me into the kind of sleep that is guaranteed to give you sweet dreams.

I can’t recommend this enough. Invest a nice night time routine, go all out to make it an oasis of aromas and trust me, it works like a charm. Oh, and can I also recommend this lovely pillow case from Dame Essentials? It’s silky, soft and just amazing for your skin and hair. Thank me later.

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