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Here’s Why You Need To Be Using Sheet Masks — STAT!

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Masks are like the ultimate getaway for your skin — they cleanse, they nourish, and they moisturise, leaving your skin feeling fresh and supple. Putting on a mask is like hitting the reset button and sucking out all the grime and pollution that your skin collects all week long. And the fun ‘new kid on the block’ is the sheet mask.

The K-Town beauty essential has definitely been a fave for Koreans, but it has now caught on worldwide — everyone out there is striking a Friday The 13th Jason-esque pose and here’s why!

Doesn’t dry out skin

Unlike paste masks, sheet masks retain their serum-y goodness in paper, fibre, or a gel-like sheet. This way the product doesn’t get wasted, as it’s just enough for one use.

Wearing a sheet provides immediate results — it instantly hydrates and cleanses your skin. Since the sheet is doused in vitamins and minerals that moisturise, it doesn’t strip your skin off its natural oils, the way those messy pastes do.

Soaks in longer

Also, the serum formula basically settles on the surface of your skin and allows for your face to absorb it a lot longer. Depending on your skin type and the purpose of the product, these masks usually tend to rejuvenate, brighten, and sometimes tighten the skin.

Of course, the kind of mask you use will vary on what you want to combat, but the serum usually used in these masks contain natural ingredients that are great for the skin. Vitamin C and Aloe Vera are the common ones, while seaweed, shea butter, and alpha-hydroxy acids are the formulas which are skin-type specific.

Efficient and fuss-free

So why is a sheet mask a good idea? Well, you save yourself the trouble and hassle of dealing with pasty and creamy products that only create a mess. Plus, you are actually locking in the serum with the sheet when you apply the mask.

Unlike liquid formulas, once washed a sheet mask will not dry your skin out completely. Sounds like a whole lot of nourishing goodness all packed into one packet, right?

Scroll down to see what the Indian market has in-store for you when it comes to sheet masks — we’ve picked the best of the lot.

Sheet Masks India_Hauterfly

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Bamboo (Rs 100)

Sheet Masks India_Hauterfly

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Shea Butter (Rs 100)


Sheet Masks India_Hauterfly

The Face Shop Mask Lab Chitosan Face Mask (Rs 300)

Sheet Masks India_Hauterfly

The Face Shop Linghzi Mask (Rs 100)




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