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5 Ways To Maintain Healthy Nails With Gel Manicure

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I don’t know about you girls, but for me getting my nails done by a professional gives me a feeling of power, like I’m invincible. I mean how can you not love a gel manicure? They don’t chip for weeks (a HUGE plus for someone who can ruin a regular mani in under 5 seconds) and stay as bright and shiny as they were on day 1, until you take them off. However, the only downside is that gel manis can make your natural nails thinner and thereby, weaker and more brittle. That’s no reason to stop getting them done, though! Here are 5 ways you can keep your talons healthy without compromising on aesthetics:

1. Prep Your Nail Beds

You know that nails are made of several layers of keratin. These layers of nail separate and peel off when they are exposed to harsh chemicals, water, detergents, etc., making nails brittle. Make sure you prep your nails a night prior to getting a gel manicure. Soak your nails in either cuticle, vitamin E, olive or argan oil. They will fill in any gaps, nourish and protect your nails from peeling later.

2. Avoid Super Long Talons

It’s tempting to go for supremely-long stiletto nails a la the Kardashian-Jenner clan. However, the longer the nails, the more prone they will be to snagging and breaking, sometimes taking your natural nail bed along. Oh the agony! It’s better to keep them short and rounded. It also gives you some buffer time if you start shorter.

3. Keep Away From Water

Water softens and eventually weakens your nails. It’s true you can’t avoid exposing your hands to water completely because some chores need to be done; however, you can surely wear gloves before you do the dishes since the detergents combined with water can completely wreck your nails.

4. Moisten Your Cuticles

This should be a habit whether you get gel manicures or leave your nails bare. Massage some cuticle oil around the edges of your nails to keep them moisturised and healthy. Once the oil has been absorbed in completely, add a thick hand cream to seal in the moisture.

5. Don’t Peel It Off

There is something intensely satisfying about peeling the polish off your nails when it begins to lift at the corners. However, resist from the temptation of doing so. It’s best to let a professional take off your gel manicure. But if you insist on doing it at home, ensure you do it well. Scrape off the top layer using a gritty file. Do check that you don’t scrape off your natural nail bed. Soak your nail in pure acetone. Keep checking on your nails while they soak. You need to keep them in acetone only for so long as to remove the polish. Once that’s done, buff the nail beds to take off any leftover residue. Wash hands with water and massage a thick moisturiser to nourish your cuticles.


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