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#HauteHacks: Get The Perfect Smokey Eye In UNDER 60 Seconds!

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Have you ever wondered how to get that perfect subtle smokey eye without looking like a panda? If you’re one who has been trying to master the technique of the classic smokey eye for years, this hack will tickle your fancy instantly.

Smokey eye shadow_Hauterfly

Take a pencil and draw on a slanted hashtag in the outer corner of your eyes and blend it in till the lines are seamlessly blurred in. If you want a more intense colour, then draw in a couple of smaller hashtags moving towards the centre of your eyelid.

It’s that simple — quick and accurate.

Whether or not you’re a makeup junkie, a smokey eye is something every girl tries to attempt at least once in their life (or, at the very least, is curious about how amazing it can look).

If you want to master the art of the smokey eye but want to start small, then check out the video above that will allow you to get the celeb-perfect eye makeup look in a jiffy!


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