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#HauteHacks: A Homemade Coffee Body Scrub For Super Smooth Skin

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Shower time is my favourite time of the day. I always step out of the bathroom smelling heavenly, looking fresh, and feeling so clean that I can’t stop touching myself. OK wait, that sounded wrong, but you know what I mean, right girls? I know you do.

So anyway, the other night, during a sleepover with my girls, one of my friends gave me the coolest gift…like ever. She brought little pods of coffee grounds to use as a body scrub. And you know where the coffee grounds come from? From your coffee machine right at home! That’s right. After you’re done making and sipping on your cuppa, scoop up the coffee grounds in little packets or pods (keep them FAR away from moisture) and save ’em in a cool, dry place. Then, the next time you’re in the mood for a luxurious bath OR it’s date night and you know you’re going to get lucky, empty a pod out into a bowl, add a teensy bit of water in it, and scrub it all over your body. Note: Do NOT apply it on your face unless you’re into the whole ‘I got scratched by my cat on my face’ look (yes, it’s happened to a friend, I kid you not).

Scrub your body down nice, and then rinse it all off with warm water. No need for any body wash, either. After you pat yourself dry, slather on some moisturiser, and then just graze your fingers on your skin and you’ll know what I’m talking about — you’ll be giving those girls in the hair removal ads a run for their money!

I actually tried this scrub right after an elaborate hair removal ritual, so I was unbelievably smooth. But that’s a call you should take, depending on your skin type. If it’s hyper sensitive and tends to break out after shaving or using the cream, give it a day or two. And using this scrub after waxing is a big no-no.

Can ya believe how simple this is? I seriously cannot wait for my next pamper sesh at home! Try it out and let me know what y’all think!


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