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#HauteHacks: 3 Ways To Create A Cut-Crease

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Cut-crease eyeshadow…what is this beautiful thing? Well, if you still assume that a cut-crease is an extended and upgraded version of the smokey eye, this 101 might help you. A cut-crease is perfect for eyes that are small and hooded, as it creates dimension, making them appear bigger in size.

This is done by applying a dark hue to the crease of your eye, creating a visible line across it. A lighter shade is then added to the lid to define the shadow even more. So while you blend it out to give it that shaded hue, the difference between the lid and crease is still quite evident.

While for some, accurately getting the right amount of product in the crease can be a breeze, for others it can get a little tougher.

These 3 hacks will act as great cut-crease stencils in order for you to get that perfect ‘cut’ across your ‘crease’.

#HauteHack 1: Use the edge of a spoon to guide you across the crease of your eye.

#HauteHack 2: A bottle cap works great for eyes that are small and rounded.

#HauteHack 3: Cut out scotch-tape in the shape of your eye and use it as a stencil below your crease.

Check out our video to know more on how this look can be achieved!


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