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#HauteHacks: Here’s How To Cover Pimples In A Jiffy With This Easy Makeup Technique

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Pimple, spots, acne — whatever you choose to call them, they will always be the pain-in-the-ass lesions that come up at the worst times. A teenage nightmare that gets misdirected, it often spills into adulthood, and breakouts like these can be an absolute nightmare to wake up to.

Even if you follow the skincare rules of taking off your makeup, sticking to a strict cleansing regiment, and drinking loads of water, that measly pimple is bound to pop up uninvited. Spot creams definitely work over time, but they really aren’t magical potions that will have an immediate miraculous effect.

So what exactly do you do when you need to step out and you JUST CANNOT ignore that monster of a spot that’s staring you in the eye? Well, that’s what makeup is for, y’all! Colour correct properly and cover-up the Mt Everest instantly with this easy fool-proof technique.

Try it and let us know in the comments below if it worked!


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