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11 Date Appropriate Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day

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There’s an unmistakable scent of love in the air right now. Whether you’ve been seeing your man for years or are going on your first date, take the time to dress up this Valentine’s Day. Not so much to please the guy, but because it can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem when you walk into the restaurant and see him catch his breath. He’s probably thinking what he did to get so lucky to find a confident, assertive girl like you!

While you are busy picking out the perfect outfit, I’ve got you covered on the hair and make-up front. In the first of this series, I’ve found some fantastic hairstyles for Valentine’s Day that are just perfect for date night. No matter what your hair length, there’s something for every kind of girl here. So go on, watch it, learn it, and flaunt it!


1. Bombshell Waves

Indian girls are suckers for long hair, and most of us have really long hair. However, not all of us are blessed with a head full of thick, lush, voluminous hair. Not to worry though. There’s a solution for every beauty problem, and there’s absolutely nothing we can’t deal with. The first style in the video is aptly named Bombshell, because Kayley shows you how to get natural-looking bombshell waves to create a thick voluminous hairstyle that you can wear on its own. I absolutely adore the ponytail hairstyle, and I would advise putting in a Bump-It to create volume at the crown. The third hairstyle is perhaps the easiest; one that you can recreate in under 5 minutes.


2. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids can be a pain to do if you don’t have an extra pair of hands to help you out. It’s fine when you have a sister or a friend to assist you, but what can you do when you’re all by yourself? You wear faux waterfall braids! This half up-half down style made with faux waterfall braids is really easy to do (as compared to the actual waterfall braid). Stock up on a ton of elastic hair ties!


3. Romantic Waves

These hairstyles are for all my butterfinger sisters out there. These are also helpful for when you have under 5 minutes to get your hair date-ready. Every date night hairstyle need not be intricate, and these simple hairstyles look like you have put in a lot of effort. Want to look effortlessly stylish? You’ve got it.


4. Twisted Bangs + Waves

I think I’ve got a love-hate relationship with my bangs and most girls will agree that they share similar sentiments. I  feel a little lost and forlorn without my bangs. But there are days when I absolutely can’t stand them getting in the way. This pouf-y hairstyle works perfectly to style your bangs, give you a little height, and make you look polished.


5. Easy Chic Styles For Short Hair

Just because you’ve got shorter hair doesn’t mean you don’t style it at all. I absolutely love the simplicity of the first two hairstyles. It shows how you can change your look with a few switches here and there.


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