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#WOTW: Hair Stencilling Is The Hot New Trend On Instagram

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Hair Stencilling Word of The Week_Hauterfly

While 2015 was all about candy colours and stunning galaxy hair, 2016 is turning out to be even better thanks to hair stencilling. For the uninitiated, hair stencilling is a hair colouring technique where intricate patterns are painted on hair using stencils. Popularised by California-based hairstylist and artist Janine Ker of Salon Aguayo, hair stencilling literally turns your hair into a piece of art.

While Ker uses hair dye to stencil everything from geometric patterns to intricate flowers and polka dots, you can definitely use coloured hairspray to achieve the look; great news, no doubt, for people who can’t commit to rainbow hair or kickass hair colours like candy floss pink or acid green. All you need is some coloured hairspray (currently, BBlunt is the only coloured hair spray available in India), regular hairspray, stencils, and a cape, to avoid messing up your clothes.

Pick a design and figure where you want to place the stencil. Spritz some strong hold hairspray on the hair, hold the stencil over the designated area, and spray the colour. Make sure you hold the spray can at least 6 inches away from the hair. Also, be completely still while holding the stencil if you want crisp, sharp designs and there you go!

I’ve rounded up some of the best designs for hair stencilling. I’m pretty sure they’re going to inspire you to pick up that can of coloured hairspray STAT!










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