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Hair Products That Will Keep Your Tresses Safe From The Sun, All Summer

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Our hair is the first thing that suffers the brunt of sun exposure on a daily basis. Especially during hours when the sun is shining high overhead, our hair can get seriously damaged from the harmful UVA/UVB rays. While our precious skin is protected with all kinds of creams and mists available in the market, our hair gets neglected. Why? We simply do not think about protecting hair from the sun!

This is your lucky day though since we did the thinking for everyone and crawled the internet for the best sun protection hair sprays we can use all day long. They are all so easy to use!

The thing that makes quick visits to salons absolutely worth it is using stylists’ recommended products. One of them is the multi-tasking hair primer from Bumble and Bumble. Much like our skin, a hair primer works to form a protective layer of product on the surface to block any harmful environmental elements. The spray works to shield the hair from heat and UV radiation. It smells adorably fruity as well!

A styling hack we have to rely on quite often is mixing our hair oil and filtered water in a spray bottle to ease application. The Argan oil from OGX is a good option because of light-weight formula and quick absorption, penetrating deep into the hair shafts. This drenches our hair with UV rays blockers and heat protection. It also works wonders for frizzy and brittle hair, delivering oily goodness and locking in the natural shine of our hair.

The natural line Aveda has some pretty exciting products under its belt. One of them is their Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. This lightweight, water-resistant and UV defence hair mist works by forming a protective layer on the surface of our hair. This is achieved by the wintergreen and cinnamon bark ingredients. Plus, this mist smells amazing too!

Compared to natural hair, coloured tresses suffer more in the sun. A targeted spray mask to protect the pigment from fading in the sun is this Farmavita leave-in spray. The mask is subtly scented and provides protection from UVA/UVB rays, plus, any heat styling practices we might indulge in.

Sephora’s Moroccan Oil range is a favourite and one particular product from them has caught our attention. The Protect and Prevent Spray consists of a blend of antioxidants and helps diminish the effects of free radicals generated by sun exposure. It does so while continuously repairing the damaged strands as well!


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