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The Hair Marbling Trend Is The Prettiest Thing You’ll See On The Internet

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‘Tis a new day and that calls for a new trend. After pumpkin hair, geode hair, and marble nails, we never saw marble hair coming. But now I’m thinking, should we have?

Either way, the marble hair trend is currently the prettiest thing on the Internet. Looks like funky hair colours are here to stay.


Hair marbling involves a new hair dyeing technique that uses a tie-dye way of creating new hair! The trend was first brought to life by hairstylist Ash Fortis, because she wanted to bring nail marbling to hair.


The technique involves mesh strips and shaving cream. Shaving cream is applied on the mesh strips, and then different, fun colours are applied on top of the cream.

You can then use the back of your brush to create swirls in the colour, thus achieving a marble-like design. Then the strips are applied on multiple, small sections of the hair.


The results? They’re beautiful and different each time. So when you go marble, you know you’re opting for a unique look! We’re sure this look is going to catch on all over the world super soon.


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