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Hair Expert Gives You The Lowdown On Trends That Will Be A Rage In 2019

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Every time I go for a haircut, I am tempted to try something fun, like a hair colour or some sort of a treatment that could make my hair look less insipid than it looks right now. Because literally one salon day later, I look exactly the same. I enthusiastically tell people I got a haircut but I their reactions are telling, my hair doesn’t look any different. The intention to look fabulous and fashionable continues though. So we got in an expert, Agnes Chen, Technical Head of Streax Professional to give us her opinion on what will work in 2019. Maybe, just maybe, I will give one these a whirl and arrive in 2019 in style. Hey, a girl can hope!


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For starters, she says, “Simple, elegant and carefree hairstyles, like chignon, tonged side ponytail, tousled bob and side braids are haircuts expected to be in vogue in the year 2019. Carefree is the going to rock the season, with cuts like casual shoulder length to long tresses, with shorter length in front. At the same time, structured shapes and precise cuts would play a parallel role, like classic bobs, asymmetrical shapes and brow fringes etc.”


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Till now, this sounds doable. Given that most of it is low maintenance and something we could actually wear. With hair colour, it’s a little out there.  “Blonde is the hair color that will rule 2019, however it is a multi-faceted word that can cover all manner of hair colours and personalised techniques. Warm to cool toned blondes will be a sensation this coming year with people asking for honey blondes as well as platinum ash blondes. A single basic matte colour like browns and burgundy will also make a headway into 2019.”


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It doesn’t stop at colouring, 2019 is a going to be all about accessorising. Agnes says, “Hair accessories have always been in rage and will continue to get bigger in 2019. You name it and it will be part of every girls vanity kit, right from fancy hair bands, glitter scrunchies, even in bolder bigger shapes and patterns.”
We are onboard with these trends. Now only if we can find a hairstylist we can ask for a haircut but without losing any length

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