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Hair Brush 101: The Different Types Of Hair Brushes For Your Hair Desires

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You know when you order a free size t-shirt online and it will literally fit only an arm? You learned never to fall for the one-size-fits-all spiel again. So one shampoo, one moisturiser, and one size dress won’t work. And this actually extends to hair brushes as well. One hair brush cannot be used by all hair types and for all purposes. While we Google your shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, hair gels down to an atom, we hardly ever spend time researching combs and brushes.  Maybe now it’s time.

So here is a comprehensive guide on the kind of a hairbrush should you really be using, and for what. Read on to see the hair brushes and combs that are available so you can pick your match according to your hair type and needs.

The Body Shop Detangling Comb (Rs 425) 

1. Wide Tooth Comb

A wide-tooth comb is for those who have thick and wavy hair. Preferably wooden, a wide-tooth comb would be perfect to brush off those tangles, when your hair is wet, freshly washed and fragile. Also, if you chose to brush your curls, which by the way, is not such a great idea, use this comb as its gentler on fragile hair. But you’ve been warned about not combing your hair so if you look like Monica in the humidity, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

Roots Professional Comb No. 303 (Rs 76) 

2. A Tail Comb

If you have super straight, limp or silky hair, then changing up your parting with precision can be tricky. Try a tail comb, the sharp end of this comb will help you achieve that sleek part with precision.

Roots 58mm Ceramic Barrel Hair Brush (Rs 370) 

3. The Round Roller Barrel Brush

If you have ever gotten your hair blow-dried at a salon, then you know this round brush with vents and pointed bristles is what hairstylists use. The round barrel brush is perfect for blow-drying your hair for a smooth and voluminous finish. This brushmakes blowdrying a lot easier, as the hot air from the blow dry can quickly reach your hair through the vents.

Roots Professional Paddle Brush – PIP02 (Rs 260) 

4. Flat or Wide Paddle Brush

With mixed bristles – use this one while ironing or straightening your hair. Run the iron, then run this brush, repeat the procedure all over your hair until your hair is straightened. A large, or wide paddle brush is also best for keeping straight hair smooth and sleek.

Roots Professional Brush 506 (Rs 191) 

5. Teasing Comb

As the name suggests, this is to tease your hair, so you get added volume. These brushes are also often known as fine tooth combs and can be used for evenly distributing the product in your hair. If you have any scalp medication that needs to carefully apply it can be done using a fine tooth comb.

Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Hair Brush – Pink (Rs 1,499) 

6. Tangle Teezer

This your hairbrush hero for wet and dry hair. Made with memory flex technology, it gets all tangles and knots out with minimum hair fall and breaking.

Scarlet Straightening Brush (Rs 461) 

9. Vented Straightener Brush

This brush looks a lot like a hair straightener with vents. This perfect for when you are looking to go for a straight, blow-dried look. The vents in the brush, let the hot air of the blow dryer pass through so you don’t have to blow dry and then straighten your hair, so you can do both of them together. It’s quick and easy!

TS Classic Cushion Hair Brush (Rs 120) 

10. Cushion Brush

If you have fine hair, then this brush is for you. A cushion brush with a rubber base, which has either natural or synthetic bristles prevents unwanted static and unnecessary pulling and tugging of hair.

Now you are one step closer to beautiful manes. What hairbrush matches your hair texture? Let us know in the comments below.


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