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The Sexy Grey Ombré Hair Has Taken Over Instagram

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Gone are the days when girls would scream at the sight of a stray grey coming out. The trend now is to realise their beauty and rock ’em like a pro. Whether it’s highlighting a few strands or going all out, grey-hued hair is definitely here to stay. But then again, it’s a bold choice that not everyone opts for. In fact, Indians are still on the fence about this trend as being hot and not something that makes you look old.

The tides, though, are a-changing — girls from around the world have taken to Instagram to show that grey is better than any other shades. This sophisticated colour, when teamed with the ombré style, makes for a combo that will make your hair look gorgeous! Ombré basically means the colour fading towards either the roots or the end. This style suits those with dark hair best, as the black really stands out. Plus, it is low maintenance as you don’t have to keep colouring over and over again.

With that said and done, we all need to get inspired to experiment with new things and to help you with that, we’ve picked out faves from Instagram. Get going, girls!


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