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7 GoT Inspired Beauty Tutorials To Prep You For The Weekend

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Game Of Thrones Season 7 finally came out last Sunday night and the show’s queens (KWEEEENS) left us feeling inspired to conquer the world. While we are out conquering and all that, we should look like royals, as well, right?

GoT obviously plays close attention to the look of each character, from gown to hair; lesson being, if you want to run the world, you’ve got to look the part. It’s all about fakin’ it till you make it!

Here are 5 GoT-inspired beauty tutorials that are giving me more life right now! So, shall we begin? See what I did there? What up, Episode 1 reference!


1. Khaleesi Makeup

Carli Bybel’s Khaleesi makeup is blowing my mind, because of how simple it is and also because of how much she looks like Emilia Clarke! It’s kind of crazy, right?


2. Sansa Stark

When you think Sansa, you think beautiful hair and pale, winter skin. She’s got one of the most simplistic beauty looks that stand out against the rest. Want to channel her? Here’s how you can.


3. Sansa Of Winterfell

Sansa’s hair often signifies major plot points in the series. This is a hairstyle from her return to Winterfell. The looks is sophisticated and grown-up, alluding to a major change in Sansa, and it also points out the difference between when she left and when she returned.


4. Season 7 Daenarys

This hairstyle is from the Targaeryn queen’s return to Dragonstone. It’s a powerful hairstyle that signifies the revenge and determination of a true queen. Want to conquer the day? We say, there’s no better way!


5. Weekend Inspo

All the women of GoT have amazing hairstyles! So, here’s a look at pretty much ALL of them. Cheers to celebrating girl power.


6. Transformation Time!

And while you’re at it, you absolutely must watch this! This woman transforms into some of the most iconic looks from the entire series and it’s breathtaking, especially if you’re a fan.


7. Just Woaaaah!

And since I’m in super fangirl mode, I couldn’t stop going through tutorials and I found this! Come to think of it, this has been going viral on social media and it’s an absolute must-share. If this isn’t true art, then I don’t know what is. It’s absolutely stunning!


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