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Makeup Junkies, You NEED These Glossy Products In Your Kitty!

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There was a time for matte. Everything from lips, to eyes, to finishes were matte. It was all the rage. So even if you had to sacrifice your lips at the altar of matte lipsticks, you did it because you didn’t want to offend the makeup gods. Even if your lips looked parched and your skin begged for hydration, you stood your ground. It wasn’t going to happen. It would have to be all matte or nothing.

Of course, at some point, matte started to hurt and everyone was looking for something new. And now, it looks like the glossy look is back. And we say definitively, because people on Instagram putting up looks featuring glossy lids, lips, and the like. And if Instagram says it’s happening, it’s the gospel truth. But you knew that. Now, if you want to flaunt this look and aren’t sure about where to start, we have whipped up a list of products that will have you looking like a glowy goddess. Notice that we said glowy, not oily. So, read up and stock up.



Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Strobing Cream (Rs 520)

The base is everything, and to get that nonchalant glow where you look like you aren’t trying too hard, invest in a good strobe cream. This is the right amount of glow without looking like a someone squeezed a french fry on you. We heart this one from Maybelline.



Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow (Rs 150)

You’ve not glossed up enough till you’ve gone completely glam with your eye makeup. This eyeshadow looks metallic, and one that you can spot from a distance. Plus, it’s glossy with the right amount oomph, so have this one handy when you are thinking glossy makeup.



Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist Eye Liner (Rs 480)

Whether you want a graphic eyeliner or a subtle wing (what is that even!?!) , an eyeliner completes every look. And a glossy black eyeliner is perfect when you want to bring the look together. The Lakmé eyeliner is one of the blackest, glossiest ones out there. You need this.




PAC Lip Gloss (Rs 395)

Glossy lips are back and thank god for that. The great thing about glossy lips is that your lips look sexier and plumper. A win-win. You can add a gloss as a lip topper or use it just as, if you want just a hint of colour. We love the lip gloss from PAC.



NYX Professional Makeup Dewy Finish Setting Spray (Rs 744)

When the makeup is done but you need it to melt into your skin, setting spray is a saviour. But tread carefully, because there are finishing sprays with different kind of finishes. And this one from NYX is perfect for when you want to budge-proof your makeup but not have it flat-out matte.


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