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This Moisturiser Comes With Tiny Specks Of Glitter And We Are Sold!

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If I told you, ‘Hey, here’s a moisturiser with tiny specks of glitter in it,’ and looked positively thrilled about it, you would reconsider having conversations with me. You would probably mention this to a friend who would also judge me and question my sanity. Basically, it would sound slightly cuckoo. Because, what you need from a moisturiser is to do its job. To hydrate and to make the skin feel like you’ve been gulping down lots of water.

Of course, brands will always tell you they added some cool stuff to it. Like charcoal, lime, fairy dust etc and to really make you believe in it, it’s always activated. So when this Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer was sent to us for review, I was skeptical. What could this offer.

Immediately, I was drawn to how pretty it looked, despite my promise to be wary. This moisturiser looks iridescent in the tub. I used all my restraint to not dive headfirst into this. Let’s move on though, because really, you are here for the review.

Inpost-Haute Pick_Glamglow Glowstarter

Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer (Rs 3200)

Does this really give you a glow? I am sitting on the fence. This isn’t like a highlighter. But it does make your face come alive. Your skin looks radiant and smoothed out. It looks healthy and glowy, like you gave your skin some TLC. It can a little heavy on your skin, so oily-skinned ladies might have to be miserly in their usage. Think tiny droplets. Also, have I raved about the fragrance yet? This smells sweet but not in a cloying way. You might be tempted to take a bite but I find this a feature common to most Glamglow products. I have eaten none of them to date. Yes, the self-control is applaud-worthy.

For the past few days that I have been slathering this on my skin, my face has been looking particularly fabulous and like it could blind some people, a superpower I could use. Do not think of this as a replacement for your highlighter though. So far, I have been enjoying this and I am likely to stock up on this one.


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