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Dear Brothers, Here’s A List Of Gifts We’d Actually Like This Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan is almost upon us. We say this with such drama because we are easily excited at the thought of getting gifts, if our brothers will trudge to a store to actually make a purchase that is. Of course, if your brother is anything like mine, he will probably pull out an envelope, get me to think there’s considerable cash in there, and then there will be Monopoly money or something. So I open it, hands shaking with excitement while he crackles in the corner amused greatly by his own sense of humour. 

Now, if your brother has terrible choice and you want to gently nudge him in the right direction, this article will totally help. Plus, it’s got all the skincare goodies you’d want, so sending him this link will sort you out. We will never ask you to settle for just one thing, so these are entire gift sets. Tag a brother on this article already. 

Inpost- Rakhi Gifts 2

Kama Ayurveda Three Months Before The Wedding (Rs 3195)

If you’re getting married and this is going to be your last Raksha Bandhan before you tie the knot, it’s worth really milking this occasion for all its worth. You need a good skincare regimen before your wedding and we suggest you show your brother this set which comes with a face scrub, skin lightening treatment and a hair treatment oil. I can’t think of one reason you don’t need this before the big day. 

Forest Essentials Sheet Masks-Ojas

Forest Essentials Ojas Age Arresting Ayurvedic Sheet Mask (Rs 395)

A girl needs her me time. And these sheet masks from Forest Essentials are great to infuse your skin with the fabulous-ness of natural ingredients while giving you the beauty benefits of a sheet mask. Ask your brother to buy all three that the brand has released, and maybe include him in a sheet masking sesh as well.

Bath And Body Works-Rakhi

Bath And Body Works 

This awesome brand is finally in India and its time to get your paws on it. If you don’t live in Delhi, fret not, a brother will move mountains to get his sister the perfect gift. We are not sure where those brothers are, but I am willing to exchange my sibling. But don’t settle for just one product, get the shower gel, the foaming scrub, the body lotion. Heck, get one of everything!

Inpost- Rakhi Gifts 3-Sova

Sova Gift Hamper (Rs 2200)

More of a hair person because you simply can’t commit to a skincare routine? This is what you need your brother to see. This gift hamper from Sova has a hair massage oil and a shampoo that are a cocktail of herbs and natural ingredients. Plus, the packaging is so pretty, how do you resist such temptation?

Inpost- Rakhi Gifts 5-SEphora

Sephora #Lipstories Lipstick (Rs 780 each)

You’ll want all of the lipsticks in this collection, but if your brother thinks it’s a bit much or has a budget *rolls eyes*, maybe just get 3. Or 5. Or 10. You get the drift. Basically, get your brother to buy these fabulous lipsticks that have the cutest packaging and 3 finishes. Sephora has a bunch of other new releases so when he’s not looking, add the moisturisers, hand balms and shimmering powder to the cart. 


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