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Get The Look: Sonam Kapoor’s Top Knot Is Easy To Recreate

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By the looks of it, Sonam Kapoor has been having a rather eventful month. She just launched her own line of clothing, Rheson, with her sister, and it also happens to be Cannes Week. With each passing event, Sonam and her team somehow manage to up their glam game. The clothes get better and don’t even get me started on the makeup.

But the lady behind all that makeup innovation, Namrata Soni, always manages to do something different to her hair, as well. You’d think a top knot is a hairstyle that couldn’t really get upgraded. But once you see Soni’s version, you might think differently.


The best part about her do is that it’s pretty damn simple to recreate. Here’s how:

Step 1: Texturise

If you’re one of those girls with super silky, straight hair, you’re going to need some texture. The best and most accessible thing to use to create it is dry shampoo. Spray some on your roots, and rub it in. Not only will this soak up any oil on your scalp, it will add some volume and texture we all desperately need.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Rs 637)


However, if you’re a curly, wavy haired girl you can skip this step — unless your scalp needs some of that dry shampoo goodness.

Step 2: Make Your Sections

Generally, when you’re creating a top knot, you take all your hair away from your face and tie it. For Sonam’s look, you actually need to leave some of the hair, in the front, out. While we’re all used to leaving a few skinny locks to frame the face, be generous this time and pull some, starting from the top of your forehead till right above your ear. Once that’s out, tie the rest of it in a secure ponytail. This means using 2 hair elastics, if needed.

Step 3: Braid

Girls with shorter hair can go right ahead and make a knot out of the ponytail. But if your hair is slightly longer, here’s an added and interesting step. Braid the ponytail all the way down and secure it with an elastic. Once braided, tightly loop it around the top of your ponytail and pin it down with bobby pins. Namrata calls this a messy top knot, but the knot itself is quite neat and clean, if you look at it.

Step 4: Bring Out Your Curler

Make sure you’re extra light handed with this next step. Curl the wisps of hair you’ve left out with your curling rod. A medium-sized barrel would work best, heated up to 180 degrees and not more. Once you’ve curled each section, open out the curls using your fingers, so it falls in soft waves around your face.


Ikonic Professional Curling Tong (Rs 2,250)

Step 5: Finish It Off

If you’re taking this look to a quiet sit-down dinner, you won’t need any finishing spray. But just to be safe, use any hold spray you have, to keep everything in its place, all night long.


Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Styled Finishing Spray (Rs 675)

And voilà! Sonam’s earrings play a big role in making the hairdo look fantastic. So go ahead and pick out your favourite danglers, and you’re all set!


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