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Get Jhanvi Kapoor’s Look From The Vogue Cover

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You’re soaking up some sun and working on your tan at an exotic, tropical island. You can almost smell the salt in the air as you sip on coconut-infused cocktails. Your skin is flushed and golden, your hair is settled into beach waves, and you look like Jennifer Lopez. Yes, this would be a dream. Instead you’re sitting in office, staring at your screen and haven’t done an iota of work. That’s your life.

On the other hand, Jhanvi Kapoor is actually at that tropical island and has that tan you’ve been wanting. She’s on the cover of Vogue, and her perfectly bronzed skin has us dreaming of a summer where we aren’t melting but actually enjoying the warmth of sun rays. Want that look? We tell you how in this Get The Look.

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Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter (Rs 1050)



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L.A Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Liquid Foundation (Rs 1250)

Step 1: Foundation

To get the glowy, dewy look that Jhanvi is sporting, mix a few drops of your highlighter with your foundation. Dab a few drops of this mix all over your face, and use your beauty blender to work it into your skin. Reveal your glowy goddess avatar!

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theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer (Rs 1399)

Step 2: Bronzer

Amp up your look by working in that bronzer, girl! You’ll want to pick something that’s subtle but gives you the right amount of pigment to really add colour back into your skin. We love TheBalm Cosmetics Bahama Mama for the right amount of punch!

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Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara (Rs 2900)

Step 3: Mascara

Open up the eyes by going over with several swipes of mascara. We are currently crushing on the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara, which lengthens the lashes, adds oodles of volume, and lets your lashes do the talking, much like Jhanvi!

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Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick (Rs 1650)

Step 4: Lipstick

Seal the deal with a nude lip shade that has a hint of orange so you can flaunt a sexy pout. Think Huda Beauty Lipstick in Wild Child. A complete nude might wash you out, so wearing something with a hue adds dollops of confidence. We love how Jhanvi’s lips look on point!


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