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#WOTW: The Galaxy Freckles Trend Is One For Dreamers

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Long gone are the days when freckles were frowned upon. In fact, the emergence of achieving a freckled look through makeup is no news. We’ve seen it on runways, and it has been tried and tested by everyone from makeup artists and beauty bloggers to our fave celebrities. And it wasn’t too long ago when we noticed that rainbow freckles worked its way as a much-talked-about beauty trend across the internet. But you know what has taken taken over Instagram lately, touted as one of the ‘most Tumblr festival beauty trend yet’? Galaxy freckles.

Yep, you read that right. It all started when professional doodler Qinni posted an artwork of ‘the freckled galaxy girl’ based on the theme “Her face was like the night sky…you could almost trace out the constellations with her star-like freckles…”. In no time, the idea was picked up by makeup artist Adrienne, who unintentionally started the trend when she painted her face exactly like Qinni’s sketch.



Want to try something different at the next music festival you’re attending? Forget the chokers and the flower crowns (ugh, passé), and get a little experimental with this look. The trend is all about creating swirling clouds and identifiable constellations on your cheekbones and nose using makeup and glitter. In fact, some artists have even gone ahead and painted these delicate patterns on their neck. The idea is to get as creative as you can. Also, you can vary the intensity of makeup in order to create the desired effect — subtle or loud, take your pick.




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Bold enough to try this whimsical makeup trend? Check out the video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the look!

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