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You’ll Be Watching This Spanish Barber’s Tutorials All Day Long

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I’ve spent quite a bit of my life looking at hair tutorials online. For long hair, short hair, hair accessories, curly hair, and basically every kind of tutorial available out there — I feel like I watch at least 3 a day. But then one day, I stumbled upon a man called Gabriel Soares Torrubia and I feel like my world will never be the same again.


Gabi, as he calls himself on Instagram (no, that’s not my creepy pet name for him) is a barber in Barcelona, Spain, and has over 4,00,000 followers on Instagram. He only shows tutorials for men on his YouTube and Instagram, so you’re probably wondering how he has so many followers, right?

I think I’ll let this tutorial answer your question:



Not only is he great at what he does, he’s also super hot. So it doesn’t matter if I’m not a guy, or have hair like his. Just looking at him do his job is good enough for me.



If you look closely, he doesn’t have a lot of hair. But he still manages to do so many styles with what he has — it’s kind of unbelievable.



He’s also an ambassador for a hair grooming brand called Pacinos. Which means a lot of his hairstyles feature its products. And he can go from a messy pompadour to a naturally curly do so effortlessly.



The man even has some beard grooming videos, which really, as a woman, I don’t need to watch. But can you blame me?



Basically what I’m trying to say is on day like Monday, when you’re generally feeling irritable, his videos are an instant mood soother. The songs he uses don’t hurt either!

So here’s another one, for the road, and because I can’t control my hormones.



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