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Reviewed: Foreo™ Luna Mini 2

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Happy news for all you beauty maniacs out there, the Swedish skincare brand Foreo is now available to shop across all Sephora stores in India!

Okay so let me give you a little background to my obsession with trying out beauty devices (if my mum is reading this, I am pretty sure she’s rolling her eyes) — I have tried the Olay Regenerist Advance Cleansing System, the PMD – Personal Microdermabrassion Kit and the Clarisonic Mia. My obsession stems from getting that flawless skin (thank you teen acne) I’ve always wanted. Yes these devices have worked to a certain extent, but somehow the results didn’t match up to the exorbitant prices I had to pay. Recently, I tested out the Foreo Luna Mini 2 — a device I was eyeing for a very long time, but obviously I was afraid that disappointment central would hit again with it as well. After hearing such amazing reviews about their devices and how fantastically they work on the skin, I couldn’t be more eager to plunge in and try it out — I wanted to put its awesomeness to the test.

So let’s start with how adorable the device looks — it has 5 colours to choose from, mine is fuchsia pink. The Mini 2 is pretty compact and sits on my bathroom sink like a little decor piece because in all honesty, nobody can guess that it’s a face cleansing tool (no, I haven’t ignored the fact that it also resembles a vibrator). It has these teeny-tiny silicone brushes that together pretty much work like soft little magic fingers on your skin. There are basically three touch points on it — the thinner points work on sensitive to normal skin, the thicker ones for precision cleansing, and the broader touch points that are on the reverse of the product work on oilier skin types.


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Here’s how this fuzzy speaker-looking thing works. The T-Sonic technology (which I am still researching about) basically removes sebum and dirt produced by your skin. So once the device turns on, it vibrates, allowing you to adjust the intensity according to your preference. Whilst vibrating and removing all the grime of your face, it also clears away your dead skin cells. This whole process makes way for more absorption of any skincare product that is used on the skin. So this basically improves the texture. I know, I know this all might sound a little too good to be true, but the reason why I know this is working is because besides making my skin feel so smooth, my makeup application is also super even. And guess what? It also works as a great makeup removal tool. I mean, it does wipe off the product after a few seconds, but obviously you do need to use a cleanser to wash it off entirely.

Now, let’s get to its purpose. For a lay person, cleaning your face with your hands and a face wash might seem pretty sufficient — well at least that’s what I thought before. But no, post the first use I could totally tell the difference in how my skin felt. After quite literally ‘facing’ various cleansing devices, I can vouch that this one works wonders. I fell in love instantly. The Luna Mini 2 has been redesigned to cleanse your pores intensely yet gently. Its silicone coating is meant to be super hygienic, as compared with the nylon bristled brushes you get in the market. This prevents bacteria from building up on the device and allows for easy breezy cleaning — something I found very difficult with other brush cleansers I’ve used in the past. That also makes it super waterproof and quick drying too.

Now for someone with oily, acne-prone skin stuck in a city drowning in pollution, this device is truly a miracle. It literally cleanses every pore, making sure my skin is left soft, supple, and squeaky clean. It isn’t harsh, it hasn’t caused me to breakout like the Clarisonic, neither is it super drying. I follow my normal skincare regime, the only difference is that instead of my hands I am using this crazy-device to get into every nook and cranny.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have the massage points that the original Luna does, but if all you’re looking for is cleansing then this is a great investment! I know the price might be quite steep, however, it is a great one-time investment and this is coming from someone who has suffered from acne for the past couple of years. Plus, its battery is long-lasting — I mean, you charge it for one hour and it lasts for up to 5 months, i.e. two uses per day. Perfect, right? I give this product 5 stars and I know this little portable device is going to be my best friend for a very long time!

SHOP NOW: FOREO LUNA™ Mini 2 (Rs 13,380)*
*Available at Sephora stores across India.


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