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Foilyage: The Hair Colouring Technique You Need To Try Now

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After plain old highlights came the gorgeous hair colouring technique of 2015, called Balayage. And we just couldn’t get enough of it. I’m sure you’ve read (and seen) enough about this technique, and we don’t blame you if you’ve seen all possible videos on Balayage on YouTube. Besides, what do you think we do in our free time?

While we absolutely loved the look and feel that Balayage gives, we’ve got to admit that tiny additions to the technique would definitely look better on dark hair. Because it doesn’t stand out quite as much on darker hair. While surfing the internet for hair colouring techniques, we came across this new and extremely easy to understand process. Meet Foilyage — the new age hair colouring technique that looks great on darker hair.

What do you need to do for this? Well, the procedure is similar to that of Balayage — where the colourist uses a free-hand painting technique to colour your hair to give it a more natural and lived-in feel. Since balayage doesn’t show very well on dark hair, the colourist instead makes use of foils to wrap each section of your hair after having hand painted your hair. Just like old-school highlights, these foils help intensify the colour while making sure that the end result is similar to Balayage.

Foilyage is nothing but combining these two colouring techniques to give you a final product that you’d love to flaunt. So if you’re looking for something more out there which actually makes your hair colour look more intense, then Foilyage is the way to go this summer.


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