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10 Photos That Will Make You Want Faux Freckles!

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You know what they say: embrace your freckles… even if you don’t really have them. Gone are the days when freckles had to be covered up, in fact, you don’t even need to be caucasian to rock freckles anymore. All in the name of embracing individuality, the Instagram baddies and runways, have officially made this a trend! And I can’t lie, these do look super cute.

1. Faux For The Fall

Looks like this Salvadoran chicana is really feeling that full face of makeup, plus the faux freckles.

2. Barely There Freckles

Red hair and barely there faux freckles? What a gorgeous combination!

3. No Boundary Freckles

Told you, these freckles are made for anyone! And I’m loving the pumpkin spice hair with it.

4. Purple Hair Too!

Not just pumpkin spice, freckles look great with pink and purple hair too!

6. Section ‘Em Out

They look the most real when they’re strewn across or inner cheeks and nose. The forehead is optional.

7. The Classics

Pair them with a classic red lip and winged liner. You can’t go wrong with that.

8. Experiment

It doesn’t have to be about the classics, you an experiment with a whole lot of colors if that’s what you’re about.

9. Glow Freckles

If you want your freckles to glow, then try using a metallic eye pencil.

10. How-To

Here’s how you can achieve really natural faux freckles. Don’t forget to make the method your own if you do try it out!


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