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6 Facial Exercises You Need To Do Daily For Younger-Looking Skin!

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Okay, there’s that much contouring you can do before your product gives up and says, you know what, there’s only this much I’m willing to do. And while working out makes those muscles stronger, and your waist slimmer, the face isn’t always the first one at this fitness party.

There are close to 50 muscles in your face, and working them out never crosses our minds! We keep splurging on a gym membership (that we barely use) to keep our body fit, but completely ignore our facial muscles. Just like the rest of our body, our facial muscles need to be exercised since it will help releasing neck and facial tension as well as combat signs of ageing. Also, because we could save some money on the contouring products.

I have put together a bunch of workouts that you can do to get that perfect facial structure you have been dreaming about. Try these exercises for 2-3 minutes a day and you will definitely see the results.

Forehead Exercise

You won’t need to spend your hard earned money on botox if you start doing this exercise on the daily.

Eyes Exercise

Puffy eyes make a huge difference on our face. The under eye area and the muscles surrounding are the ones to show signs of ageing the earliest, so stop it in its tracks. Do indulge in this workout in order to prevent it, from an early age.

Cheeks Exercise

Cheeks are the part of our face that defines the shape. Having people pull at them and say you’re cute is great if you are 7, not so much if you are 17. If you want the perfect cheeks like Kareena Kapoor then these exercises should get your started.

Mouth And Lips Exercise

Smile lines are real. And while it makes you look like an agreeable, nice person, when you are 40, this could be the reason you look older.   Tone up the corners of your mouth with these exercises.

Jawline Exercise

Who said only men look attractive with a chiseled jawline? Try these exercises in order to get the sharp jawline that will get people talking.

Chin Neck Exercise

The chin often comes with excess baggage called the double chin and it’s flattering to no one. Also, the chin and neck area are one of the main places that show signs of ageing. Instead of trying to look up in photos to hide that chin, get going with these exercises.


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