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Fabulous Gifts To Give The Beauty Enthusiast In Your Life

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I am always excited by gifts. And I don’t think it has anything to do with age. Receiving a gift at any age comes with a small thrill. Tearing apart the wrapping, the expression when you discover you’ve gotten something you love, it’s so much fun. I wouldn’t skip it for the world. So I enthusiastically participate in all Secret Santa events at work. But it’s not often that people put in effort into getting you something you will love. Last year, someone I know got socks. Yeah, socks. Point is, you want to give someone something they will cherish and love. Not something they will have to take acting classes to look enthused about.

So if you know your Santa child or whatever they are called is a fitness fanatic, don’t hand them a teddy bear. Offer them something they will appreciate. Like a protein shake or those healthy bars that taste like, erm, cardboard. Now, since I am not a fitness enthusiast (my love handles give that away) I can’t suggest anything for them, But I am makeup lover and I have a bunch of products I would like to recommend you give your enthu-cutlet friends.

There’s plenty to choose from.

Because there’s so much play around with, I am going to break this down, allowing you to choose from a menu of product for the friend who has suddenly discovered their love for all things skin, and someone who loves their colour cosmetics.

The Skincare Aficionado




Soultree Gift Hamper

Soultree Gift Hamper





Kama Ayurveda Gift Set

Kama Ayurveda Gift Set

For The Makeup Enthusiast




 Luxe Jewel Lipstick Tahitian Pearl (Rs 3700)

Luxe Jewel Lipstick Tahitian Pearl (Rs 3700)




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