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Are Eyebrow Wigs The Future Of Eyebrows?

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So, umm…I recently discovered, thanks to the Internet, that eyebrow wigs actually exist. Curious? I know, like…what even? Anyway, I certainly believe that if I could only highlight one feature on my face, it would have to be my brows. This is kind of a secret, but some days, I sleep with brows on! I’m really not blessed with the thickest, nicest brows, so a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.


Keeping women who don’t really grow hair at all or have been through therapies like chemo in mind, one salon in New York City decided to create the eyebrow wig. HairPlace NYC, owned by Andre DiSimone, calls it a “miniature version of what they’re doing with wigs.” They can really save time, they don’t fall off, and one set of arches currently costs $95.


Plus, they don’t look fake. They look like you just filled in your brows. After trends like brow carving and microblading, this seems like the latest trend of the lot, and I’m not complaining. These stick-ons are made from real hair, just like most wigs are!


In recent weeks, a lot of people have been posting about eyebrow wigs, and soon they’ll be available under many brands and all over the Internet. So, if you’re interested, keep a watch out for these babies to hit everywhere!


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