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#HauteHack: This Crazy Eyebrow Trend Actually Works

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The black hole that is known as the world wide web is an infinite whirlwind of odd possibilities, especially for those who are a little held back in the beauty department. Coming up with the oddest hacks one can only imagine, we’ve seen bloggers, vloggers, and even plain ol’ civilians discover and/or invent methods, techniques and alternative uses to products you probably wouldn’t have even dreamed of — the latest being the mesmerising #soapbrow. Yes you read right, getting her eyebrows constantly on fleek, Anatasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills (a bow to the queen of brows), has officially upped her brow game by confidently accrediting the age-old Hollywood-endorsed technique in order to achieve fuller brows.


So how do you go about it? Just wet a spoolie brush with warm water, rub it into a transparent bar of soap, and brush your brows slowly, in an upwards motion, coating each and every strand. Post soapy application, use your brow product like you would to fill them in, and finish off. The concept behind using this oh-so-efficient household product is its waxy texture — the transparent build-up of the soap coats the hair, giving that perfect illusion of denser brows.

Now, we don’t always believe everything we see on the internet (newbies, I am talking to you); however, this hack was put to the test by others and, as you can tell, they’re loving it too. Guess we’ll all be getting our Cara Delevingne eyebrow game on from today!




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