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5 Eyebrow Grooming Techniques You Need To Learn STAT!

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I wonder how we completely ignored doing up our eyebrows before Cara Delevigne brought them back in vogue. I mean how could we have possibly missed how crucial brows are in framing the face and pulling your whole look together. Cut to 2016 and I can’t imagine going a single day without maintaining my brow routine. I, too, succumbed to the extreme Instagram-brow craze for a while but I now know better. Doing your eyebrows is a subtle art form in itself and here are five brow skills you need to hone ASAP:

1. Learn to trim them

Although you might not need to do this if you have short and stubby eyebrow hair, I would highly recommend trimming for those who have long and wiry hair (yes, such people exist). All you have to do is comb the brows straight up with a spoolie. Make sure you have a pair of sharp shears and snip off just the edges of only the longest hair. Restrain caution and snip off as little as possible or you’ll end up with eyebrows that look poky.


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2. Learn to groom them

Cleaning under the arches really helps in opening up your eyes. Use your tweezers to clean the are or use a personal groomer like this one which is my favourite. While you are at it, don’t forget to clean the area between the brows. Remember to use the sides of your nostrils as guideline. Brows that are too far apart give you a vacant look while close-set brows make you look like you’ve got a perennial frown.

3. Learn to fill them in with pencil

Eyebrow pencils are a blessing if you have sparse brows (read: most of us). However, it is so easy to go overboard with a pencil that this is one technique you ought to master. Start off with a pencil that’s two shades lighter than your natural hair colour. Fill in the bald spots or areas that are over-plucked by drawing short strokes that look like your natural brow hair. Use a light-hand while drawing the brows.


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4. Learn to fill them in with powder

If you already have a good set of brows, forego the pencil and use powder instead. Your brows are darker and thicker around the arches and the outer tip, and are lighter in the inner corners. Avoid using one shade on the entire brow. Most brow powders come in duos, use the lighter one in the inner corners and the darker one on the arches and the outer tips.

5. Learn to make them look natural

The rule of thumb in makeup is that it shouldn’t look made up, except for the times when you actually crave drama! No matter what your poison (pencil, powder, or pomade), make sure you blend everything in. Use a spoolie to brush through the brows in the direction of the hair growth. This will remove extra product and also set everything in place.


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